Buying Property That is Miles Away

I think we should start off today’s blog post by stating the obvious – putting an offer before you even get the chance to view the Houston house in person is a colossal mistake that might haunt you for the rest of your life. And I don’t mean to sound too dramatic but, that’s a fact. Don’t think that just because the pictures looked amazing the property will obviously serve your needs. Haven’t you ever seen a burger commercial that makes you drool only to get disappointed when the real thing comes? Pictures can at times become misleading. You won’t be able to get the feel of what it means to actually live in that house. However, we do also understand that there are instances where you’re just going to have to take a risk. For example, if you are buying property that is miles away and you don’t really have enough money or even time to view the property prior to buying it.

If you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, a situation where visiting the property before you make an offer is not an option, this is what you need to do:

Get a Good Agent

Your real estate agent will play a critical role in the transaction. You’re going to have to be careful or mindful of whom you choose to represent your interests. You’ll have to do a background check.  The quality of their online reviews might answer some of your questions. Don’t forget to visit their social media and business websites. And if you have friends or family members in that area, ask for their personal recommendations. A lot of your trust is going to be placed on this person. So you’ll have to be thorough while doing your research. Also, let them know about all your concerns and/or situation.


When the agent gets to the site, he or she should Facetime with you. They could use Facebook Messenger, Skype, or any other app that they feel comfortable using. That’s how you’ll have a chance to ask all the questions that you want to ask about the property while viewing it. If the reception isn’t strong enough they can record a video and show it to you later on. Plus, having the recorded video will also make it easier for you to get opinion from your family and friends back home.

Use Google Maps

You’ll need to know what to expect once you move there. Google maps will help you figure out what’s around the area. Google maps will give you a street view of the neighborhood, or a walk through from your computer. You’ll even learn about the crime rate in the area.

By the way, the images will always look different. That’s a fact. But looking different is not the problem here. The problem is editing the photos with the intention of fooling the buyer. Buying from afar can be a pleasant experience if you get yourself a good real estate agent. It can also be a less stressful experience if you working with a property investment company.

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