Foreclosure Scams In Houston, Tx

For the past five years foreclosures in Houston have been at a record high. You’ve obviously gotten wind of this information considering it has been the topic of conversation in town for a while now. Sadly, as other people are looking for ways to deal with this painful process, some individuals are taking advantage of … Continued

How We Buy Dayton Houses Fast In Texas

Who would you go to if you want to sell your Dayton house fast, and at a reasonable price? I don’t know about you, but I’d look for a real estate cash investor like our compay, and start negotiating. Are you wondering why anyone would choose our company? For starters, it’s no secret that we … Continued

Four Ways To Avoid Foreclosure In Houston

As a property owner, you’ll be pleased to know that you do have several options to avoid foreclosure in Houston. Although they all have varying success rates, borrowing from acquaintances, loan modifications, filing for bankruptcy, secondary loans, and selling to a cash investor are all possibilities you can consider. You also have to know that … Continued