Evicting My Tenant In Houston Texas

You first have to understand that the tenant eviction process is no cakewalk anywhere in the country. It usually comes with a lot of hard work, and the law always seems to favor them more than it does property owners. And speaking about the law, you’ll have to ensure that you do understand every detail in matters concerning tenant rights and eviction before you take any step. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in hot soup.

A naive thing to do is to try to form some sort of friendship with your tenants. Worse yet, go ahead and rent the property to one of your relatives. It might look like a normal thing to do but when the time comes and you realize you have to kick them out, the stress will drive you nuts.

Evicting my tenant in Houston Texas

You can avoid the eviction process by simply carrying out a property pre-screening. When choosing tenants, look for any red flag that might make you regret your decision to rent out your Houston home to them. Unfortunately, you cannot always find reasons not to rent out your unit to a tenant applicant. Circumstances and people usually change. That is why you need to learn beforehand what the process of tenant eviction is in Houston, Texas.

Evicting a tenant who doesn’t pay rent

This is the most common reason for eviction among property owners. Of course, it gives you a good reason to start the eviction process, but if you want to deal with the problem in a much easier way, you should just sell the home to a cash investor or home buying company with the tenants still there.

Eviction laws

These laws always differ from state to state. Therefore, to be on the safer side, you should reach out to an attorney in Houston, Texas, and ask them to help you figure out what’s best for you. Understand what the law dictates before you move on to evict the tenant. Remember, if you go about it the wrong way, the tenant can sue you, and you will end up paying for the damages caused.

Reasons to evict my tenant in Houston, Texas

  • Damaging the property or violating the lease agreement
  • Health issues or noise complaints by the neighbors
  • Need to renovate the property
  • Need to sell to a retail buyer

How to start an eviction process

After you have determined grounds for eviction, you will have to give the tenant an eviction notice. The notice should include the eviction deadline and be filed with the courthouse. You will then be given a hearing schedule date. By the way, you have to prepare yourself for the court attendance because you’ll most likely attend a lot of them. the ruling can go either way, but if the court rules in your favor, the tenant will have no other choice but to vacate the premise.

Sell fast for cash

To avoid the headache of evicting a tenant in Houston, Texas, you can sell the home fast with the tenant still inside. We can show you how, so call us.

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