How You Can Quickly Evict A Tenant

The sad truth is almost all states have laws that favor the tenant over the landlord, and if you want to quickly evict a tenant will never be easy on your part as a property owner. A lot of issues are bound to arise when dealing with rental homes. You just have to know how best to go about them. Tax implications and evictions are some of the everyday problems you’ll come across so prepare yourself mentally if you can.

You have to fully comprehend the laws and find a way around them if you want to evict a tenant and at the same time observe their rights are not violated. It’s hysterical to forge a close relationship with a tenant because you’ll be setting yourself up for failure. And never renting your house to your relative or family member is another huge mistake.

You can avoid the whole eviction fiasco if you just use a proper pre-screening process. But come to think of it, even if you tried your level best, circumstances could change in an instant, and a good tenant turns into your worst nightmare. Your rental property is a business entity, and just like any business, you have to learn how to deal with different situations.

Evicting a tenant who doesn’t pay rent

One way of dealing with such a predicament is selling the rental property while the tenant is still a resident. Get acquainted with the rules associated with the landlord-tenant act before making any decision. If you can fully grasp all the eviction laws, kicking out a tenant won’t be much of a hassle. You can draft a lease agreement with loopholes that act in your favor.

Eviction laws

These rules are always different in every state. Therefore, you have to familiarize yourself with the laws governing the state you have rental properties in. You also shouldn’t deal with the eviction process on your own. Look for assistance from a professional who’ll offer help through the right legal recourse. Don’t take it upon yourself to change the locks or shut off critical essentials like water, gas, or electricity. When you approach the court, do so without spite way or risk forcing the judge to show leniency towards the tenant.

There are very many reasons you’d want to evict your tenant. Violation of the lease agreement and damaging the property are just but a couple of examples. The system will always ask for proof so make sure you document everything.

Starting the eviction process

First, you have to hand the tenant a formal notice. That can only be done once you’ve found grounds for eviction. You have to let them know why you’ve decided to go down that road. That way you’ll be giving them an opportunity to correct the wrong. Make sure you include the deadline in the notice and the amount you are owed. Then file the paperwork with the Houston court office.

The notice has to be sent by certified mail and also taped on the tenant’s door. The court will then give you a hearing date and also notify the tenant through summons. Have all the pertinent documents ready and carry them all during the court sessions. These documents may include the lease agreements, payment records, or any documented communication.

If everything runs smoothly, the court will give the tenant time to leave and the sheriff’s department can step in if he or she doesn’t.

Undoubtedly, the process is overwhelming. We, therefore, advise you to take the easy way out. Sell to a property investment company and let them deal with everything. We buy real estate in Houston.

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