Home Improvements to Sell My Houston Home In Summer

We’ve said a lot about how to sell my Houston Home, and especially during summer. Spare a couple of minutes and go through this article to discover the four significant real state improvements that you should make as a seller if you wish to increase the likelihood of selling in this market space.

What many have grappled with in the past is, “What’s the best time to sell my home in Houston?” according to some individuals, summer is the time many families go on vacation so not so many people will be in the market looking to invest. They will argue that you need to try your lack during spring.

Quite frankly, they do make a strong argument that holds water in some way. But this doesn’t mean that you should use this as an excuse because selling my house in summer isn’t impossible at all. In fact, with the right home improvements you will not only sell the property quickly, but you’ll do so at a price relatively close enough to the asking rate.

Home improvements essential when selling in summer

  • Tidy the exterior

Prospective buyers in the market look for houses that they can easily handle. By this we mean they will be searching for homes that are easy and carefree to look after. They will only make draft an offer once they are confident you took great care of the property. You may indicate this if you just take care of your home’s exterior by cleaning it up. Talk to your kids to help you power wash the wall, replace the missing downspout, weed the path and wash the windows. All these are small things that can make a huge impact.

  • Landscaping

We’re not asking you to be extravagant here. You only have to invest more of your time. You have to work in your garden by planting more flowers, putting mulch and fertilizer around every tree, etc.

  • Consider painting the exterior

Seeing as you’ve taken residence on the property for years, you’ll agree that the paint trim on the windows and doors have faded with time. Pick a weekend and quickly apply a fresh coat on all the doors and windows. The effect will be tremendous and potential homebuyers will be encouraged to look at the house.

  • Another significant addition would be a deck

This might seem a lot, but it may be worth it. Go for something small and relatively affordable. We have to try every stunt out there to increase chances of selling my home fast in Houston. Adding a deck to the backyard is undoubtedly something that will add a lot of points to your sales pitch. Just thinking about the expense might make you balk but isn’t it worth it if it’s the difference between you and the next seller?


Summer might not be the best time to try out the housing market but with the above home improvement tips you’ll not only speed up the process but also sell at a reasonable price.

You should know that you have an option of skipping all that and still sell fast in Houston. All you have to do is to get in contact with a cash home investor who’ll give you a fair offer right away. Call our offices to talk to our representatives.

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