Selling Houston House During “Off” Season

Have you ever tried selling Houston house during “off” season in Houston, Texas? Just imagine what you have to go through as a seller in Houston hoping to sell during the normal season. Now imagine what you’ll have to deal with if the situation was reversed and you had to find a buyer during the “off” season.

That’s what we call life! One minute you’re okay going about your business and the next minute it throws you a curve ball. For instance, your boss might walk up to you and tell you that he just found out that an extra pair of hands will be needed in one of the companies warehouses that’s across the state.  Or, a relative just realized that they will have to move to your city because they are seeking better treatment option. That means that you’ll have to create an extra space pronto by maybe selling and buying at the same time. Whatever the case, selling during the “off” season is not something new.

By the way, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start by defining an “off” season first before we move on to how we can sell this Houston home during this period. In simple words, an “off” season is that period when the housing market has slowed down. No buzz is felt whatsoever. So this means that you’ll notice there’s a decrease in the amount of inventory and lack of competition among buyers and sellers. Therefore, if you’ve suddenly found yourself in a position where you’ll have to find a buyer during an “off” season, you’ll need to use the following tips:

  • Don’t Relax For The Holiday

Some professional agents will tell you to pause the sale during Christmas or New Years but we would not recommend it. At any one given moment in time, you’ll always find a buyer who desperately needs a home. So if a buyer feels like they need to make a purchase as soon as possible, they will never be deterred by the holidays. And who knows, that Houston home might just be the type that they are looking for.

  • Stage It For Perfection

Home staging is one of those things that we refer to as a delicate art. You’ll want the space to feel warm but also try not to make it too overwhelming with large furniture or personal décor. Follow the following steps if you’re looking for the best way to stage a Houston home in Texas:

  • Hire a professional cleaner to thoroughly clean it
  • De-clutter every single room
  • Use a few furniture pieces to highlight the natural space
  • Price It Effectively

Pricing is a tricky business all year round. It doesn’t matter what season you’re selling. You’ll always have to be very careful or risk seeing your property go stale in the market. The buyer already knows the competition and inventory is low during this period. So they’ll keep looking for ways to take down that listing price a couple of notches.

Are you still struggling to sell your home during the “off” season? Why don’t you give us a call and get a fair all-cash offer, today!

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