Understanding Different Real Estate Jargons

The world of real estate is a spectacular world seeing as it normally gives individuals options while investing. If you’re looking to become an investor, you can buy, rent, and even sell my home in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, you cannot succeed if you don’t understand the market or different real estate concepts. We will be talking about some of the real estate jargons that might confuse you if you bump into them in the world on property investment.


What is property appraisal? It’s basically a written explanation of my home’s fair market value. A professional appraiser often determines a property’s value by comparing it to other properties with similar features. The process is important as every real estate is regarded as unique.

Asking price

This is the price you’re selling my home for. However, we have to be crystal clear on something. The asking price is not the selling price. Your appraisal will help you figure out what’s the best asking price for the property. it should not be unrealistically high because it will dissuade potential buyers from investing and it shouldn’t be too low either

Buyer’s market

A buyer’s market is a situation that comes about when the real estate market is full of sellers. When this happens, the property prices automatically drop as it becomes clear to sellers that selling won’t be that easy. Naturally, such a condition favors buyers. So if you’re ready and willing to invest in a Houston home, you can easily leverage a better price.


This mostly applies to those people who still believe that the only way that they can successfully sell my house in Houston, Texas, is with the help of a realtor. A commission is a proportion of the home’s selling price. Usually, it accounts for 6 percent of what you earn, but yet again, this depends on several factors, including the timing and property location.


This is the money that will be held by a third party as the buyer and seller transact. The money is meant to help the buyer pay the property’s taxes and insurance premiums.


A foreclosed house is a house that once belonged to a mortgagee but now belongs to a mortgagor. It happens when the previous owner can no longer keep up with the property’s mortgage due to several reasons. If you’ve been struggling to pay your mortgage, you should sell the house fast to us and pay the debt because a foreclosure won’t do justice to your credit score.

Seller’s market

It’s the exact opposite of a buyer’s market. The power falls with the real estate seller, and that’s why they can raise the asking price if they wish to.

Selling price

Remember when we told you it’s not the same as the asking price? Well, it isn’t. It’s the final price that the property owner accepts as payment for the house.

The real estate world can seem complex for anyone who hasn’t tried to navigate it. Luckily, you can get help from professionals such as our company.

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